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Establish Client Goals

We meet with you regularly to get to know you and understand your unique investing needs. We discuss your specific goals and time horizon: two important factors that will affect the investment strategy that is right for you.

Assess Risk Profile

In understanding your unique investing needs, we can better understand your desire and ability to take on risk in your investment portfolio. There are many factors that will affect your investing strategy. How variable is your income? Is there a chance you will need to draw on your portfolio on short notice? How confident are you in riding the ups – and downs – of the market?

Create Asset Allocation

Using our understanding of your investment goals and willingness to take on risk, we plan an investment strategy to meet your needs. Selecting the right mix of investments helps you to manage your risk while still working towards meeting your financial goals.

Construct Portfolio

We will manage your portfolio for you to keep it aligned with your goals. CJW Capital has been a fiduciary since our founding, which means that we are required to always make investment decisions that are in your best interests. We receive no commissions from any fund company, so we do not and cannot profit from selling you investments that are not right for you.

Monitor Portfolio

We continually monitor the markets for new opportunities to improve your portfolio, and we report the growth of your portfolio using a time-weighted calculation that provides you with the most accurate measure of our performance. You can check your portfolio at any time through a convenient online portal.

Client Reviews

We offer to meet with each of our clients on a regular basis so that you always know how your portfolio is performing and so that we can review your changing needs to make improvements to your portfolio. Whenever market conditions change, we will discuss potential opportunities with you to continually provide value.

Client Goals



Risk Profile




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