CJW CAPITAL provides holistic investment management services customized for you.



We utilize a six step process to help understand how we can custom tailor a solution to your goals.


Are you working with a fiduciary or a broker? CJW CAPITAL prides itself in its fiduciary responsibility.




CJW CAPITAL is an independent investment advisory firm that provides customized investment management services to individual and institutional investors.

Three Pillars

1. Fiduciary Responsibility: We make all investment recommendations and decisions based on your best interests. We are not affiliated with any broker-dealers from whom we would collect commission on the sale of an investment product, and we use an open-architecture format for your portfolio that does not restrict you to investing in funds from only a single company.

2. Tailored Service: There are a lot of investment choices available to you, and a lot of information and research about investments. CJW Capital helps you sort through all the information that’s available so that you understand your investment choices. We customize an investment strategy specific to your needs and future goals.

3. Transparency: You can monitor your investment portfolio at any time, and we offer regular meetings with you to discuss the performance of your investment portfolio and progress toward meeting your financial goals.



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CJW Capital, LLC is a registered investment advisor. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. The principal risks of the investments and portfolios are disclosed in the publicly available Form ADV Part 2A. 

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